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Database Server Scaling Strategies   Leave a comment

One of the difficult task for the organization now a days is the maintaining their huge data in efficient way. The main concern for them is to make sure that there is no loss of information and all the time system should be up and running.

There two scaling techniques available which helping them in achieving their goal

1) Horizontal Scaling
2) Vertical Scaling

Horizontal Scaling: This can be achieved by scaling database on multiple server by replicating it.
Vertical Scaling: This can be achieved by adding more hardware.

Companies having huge data and there is huge transactions are facing issues like Increased load of their user base, scalable data storage, high availability.

Factors which help in managing the data store are:
Relational data
Fixed schemas
Immediate vs. Eventual Consistency
Data Locking

By keeping above factors in keep mind and what is best suit for your requirement, one of the below mentioned replication approach has to be taken

Master-Slave Replication

Tree Replication

Master-Master Replication

Ring of Masters

Each of the above having advantages and dis-advantages over one another; so one has to select the best which suit the requirement.

Other things which need to be keep in mind are:

Replication Lag and DB-partitioning-Clustering

Federation / Sharding and how cross joining will be apply 


The above information is at very high level, you will have to go in detail to understand each factor and then take the final decision for your requirement.


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