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How to check CLR Version Installed   Leave a comment

In this article we will see “How to check how many CLRs installed on your local machine?”, “What is the use of having multiple CLRs?”

Let’s start with first questions: In my local machine I have installed VS2012 so if I go and check on “C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework” path


it shows me these many .Net framework versions. So there should be 6 CLRs right? Answer for this question is no. Then how to find how many CLRs are installed on my local machine. The way is to go to VS command prompt and type “clrver” command it will list

down the CLRs installed on your local machine as shown in below screen.


So, it is clear that on my local machine there are two CLRs, one is Version 2 and another one is Version 4.  Version 2 support .Net framework 3.5 also.  So if you go and check in VS2008 and run the same above command you will get only Version 2. Question will come in your mind “What is the use of having multiple CLRs?”: Answer is in .Net framework 4 and onward Microsoft has introduced dynamic language support which was not there in earlier version.


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